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Because Experience Matters


We understand that trusting someone with a cosmetic facial treatment can be difficult.  Therefore it is our aim to ensure you’re completely confident (and comfortable) with us and our process. 

For award winning and accomplished cosmetic tattooist and Educator Katherine McCann, your appointment and time spent in clinic is more than just ‘her job – it’s a personal and interactive experience that provides the opportunity to build life long working relationships and create lasting change and wonderful memories with people from all around the world.

Katherine is a strong believer in contextual education and maintains that only by building authentic connections, actively listening and being ‘on the same page’ as her clients can she begin the problem solving or creative process of cosmetic tattooing and/or corrective tattooing or removal process.  No one face is the same and just because I do something for someone and it looks great, does not necessarily mean it may be the best option for the next person” she says, also highlighting the importance of consultations and that any decisions made be based on a persons own unique and individual set of circumstances and what is best for them and not based primarily on cost or ‘a deal’.

“Our consultations are comprehensive, in-depth, informal and relaxed and as we generally over allow in time, rushing is not our style.  It also provides the opportunity to ask questions so you know that the advice received will be tailored, realistic and honest when it comes to YOUR cosmetic tattooing options and procedure.   The consultation process also Katherine’s personal goal of being able to execute work of the highest standard and ensures she can continue delivering consistent and predictable results that heal true and align original requests and initial discussions with said outcomes.  

“I know how important appearances are and understand there is limited room for disparity when it comes to cosmetic tattoo procedures – it also highlights the imperative that I have to get it right (the first time), and that my work needs to heal ‘true’, look soft and remain age appropriate now and over time as well as into the future…”
 “….People are literally buying my skillset to create a shape on their face, to implant pigment into their skin and then predict how that will look, settle, age and wear over the next how ever many years… that responsibility is backed by their trust and belief in my ability to deliver – those are things I don’t take lightly” 

Contrary to popular belief, cosmetic tattooing is not simple; irrespective of how easy it may look or seem and one only needs to google botched work or watch A Current Affair to see what inexperience looks like or how easily things can take a turn for the worst.  

Thus being able to predict and deliver optimal results for each and every person in line with their skin and other associated factors means its a team effort – it also means that prior to any decisions a person needs to be committed to the process and completely informed of what next steps look like as well their role within it.    

For us, working together with our clients to achieve long term results and create positive experiences are our main priority, as is treating each and every one who visits our clinic with the respect and attention to detail they deserve. 

Corrections & Non laser Removal or Lightening Options:  While we specialise in repairing, removing, lightening and working with clients who have unfortunately had a less than desirable outcome or botched cosmetic tattoo procedure in the past, its essential to note that depending on the extent of the botched work, the levels and layers of saturation of pigment or ink as well as the integrity of your skin health and a bunch of other factors these CAN be long, expensive and painful options.  

That said however, corrective tattooing or removal CAN also be life changing and liberating and although often a technically challenging process to ever get things ‘perfect’ it certainly is not impossible to greatly improve existing work and we strongly recommended that you book a time that suits and come in so that we can have proper look at your skin under the lights and assess what we have to work with in order to map out the most suitable and appropriate plan, timeframe and chat options in order to start the recovery process. 

We offer obligation-free consultations, so you are able to understand everything about the procedure, so you can prepare properly and know what is required with post procedure and aftercare. 

It is very easy to book in to see us.   All bookings are taken online, so you can choose the day and time that fits your schedule. 

*Please note if you are currently pregnant, breastfeeding or medically contraindicated, you are not a suitable candidate to be tattooed – no exceptions.



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    Because Experience Matters